Kit Lord
Kit is in her second term as President and has been a member of RPOA since 2016 She joined the board as VP in October, 2019. Kit has been a long-time investor & residential remodeler.
Vice President
Tony Bossi
Tony is a both landlord and the new Director of Campus Safety at York County Community College, he provides us many insights to current trends.
Liz Bratter
Liz is a new member to the RPOA. She has done the money side of property management for over 40 years but started about 6 years ago in the repair and maintenance side; always something new to learn.
David Cline
David is a long-time a member who has often contributed really pertinent knowledge from his years as a lawyer.
Program Director
Sheridan Lloyd
Sheridan returns to our board to line up interesting topical speakers for many of our meetings, a big draw for members.
Membership Director
Stacey Corris
Stacey is a property manager in Strafford and Rockingham Counties for residential and commercial properties large and small.
Marty Smith
Marty has been a member since 2014 and a landlord since 1989 in Dover and Rollinsford.